Why HIRE An Independent Vending Locator?

My name is Howard Goldstein, and I have been finding vending locations for the past 37 years.  I am based in Central Florida but frequently travel nationwide.

By hiring an Independent Vending Locator, you are simply cutting out the middleman.  All national locating companies subcontract their work to people like me.

What I will offer you is the ability to learn how to find and maintain your own vending locations.  You can train side by side with me, as we complete your vending project.  Afterwards, you will have developed a valuable skill set that gives you control over your business and investment.

For the past three and half decades, I have found vending locations for just about every type of vending machine under the sun.  And I have worked for many of the national companies.  My experience in finding vending locations is unparalleled.

Contact me today, so that we can discuss your project!

Getting Started

  • Fully assembled machines
  • The stickers of the charity you will be working with, if you choose to work with one
  • A large vehicle so we can transport machines to the locations
  • All the merchandise for the machines
  • Review and execute Location Agreement - Click Here

What I Provide

  • 37 years of location experience
  • The opportunity to ride along and learn my techniques
  • On the job training that will pay dividends into the future
  • Quality Reliable Service from an industry veteran
  • Affordable Pricing - save $$$ by cutting out the middleman
  • A Guarantee that you can trust

What To Expect

  • Support from a seasoned professional in the business
  • Firsthand experience locating machines
  • Tools and Techniques so you can be your own locator
  • Profitable locations
  • Timely installs
  • Satisfaction that comes from working with a professional